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Bayou Manufacturing Capabilities for Shipbuilding

Our aluminum processing, machining, and modular fabrication form the core of our capabilities that support the success of shipbuilding projects


Bayou manufacturing has the capability to produce extremely high-quality modular panel kits in aluminum using its friction stir welding process (FSW) line, the longest for-hire FSW line in the USA. Bayou is a leader in Navy, USCG, and commercial modular aluminum shipbuilding. Our track record of excellence is well known throughout the shipbuilding industry. With a wide range of metalworking machinery and high-tech expertise, Bayou has delivered large complex modules for many successful military and commercial projects.

Bayou can produce panels, kits, modules, and components more effectively and efficiently than any shipyard and has a strong track record of meeting aggressive cost goals. With our sister company, Bayou Metal Supply, we can deliver the lowest possible raw material pricing as one of the largest aluminum metal suppliers in the Southeast USA. Transportation costs of our finished modules are negligible compared to the cost savings we achieve in materials and welding processes.

Streamlined Acquisition, Design, and Construction Planning

Most every shipbuilding project is both schedule-critical and cost-critical and of course, schedule and cost are inter-related. Bayou engineers and schedulers can assist shipbuilders and design agents, early in the project planning, to design for producibility. The time reduction and potential cost savings of a highly producible design with properly sequenced activities are huge. Bayou’s seasoned project management team also assists shipbuilders in properly executing those plans.

Bayou has signed a partnership deal with Eastern Shipbuilding Group on the USCG Offshore Patrol Cutter, the largest ship acquisition in USCG history. As the large aluminum module partner, Bayou is a strong part of the ESG team and is always finding new ways to reduce program risk, streamline processes and deliver modules ahead of schedule.

How is Bayou Manufacturing different?

OPC Accelerated Timeline

The second flight of OPCs requires the accelerated production to attain two-ship deliveries per year. This will require ESG partners that are nimble, experienced, and proven to be able to integrate into the design and build processes. There is little time for climbing the learning curve. That is why we are so proud that ESG has recognized our capabilities and has chosen us as a partner.

Bayou has the expertise to hit the ground running fast to coordinate modular manufacturing procedures with the shipyard. We have done these many times before and proven our capability. Because we are a medium-sized company, extremely flexible, and smart, we make an excellent partner for any shipyard. We control the raw material delivery with significant flexibility to never wait for out-of-stock material. Our executive team is made up of proven project managers who know how to deliver to a schedule. `

Risk Reduction

Congressional and agency oversight has been strong on the OPC and there is pressure to meet cost, schedule and performance goals. The smallest problems, like small cracks in welds, can easily blow up into major cost and schedule issues. Some recent shipbuilding programs have seen the results of poor weld quality that have presented themselves as major program risks. Part of managing risk in a shipbuilding program means choosing the “best” partners for the job and Bayou Manufacturing’s Friction Stir Welding has proven to be more durable than other weld processes, very rarely exhibiting any cracks or related issues.

Bayou Manufacturing has an experienced project management team and the manufacturing processes in place to deliver on any shipbuilding project starting today. Our quality programs are in place and proven to produce superior aluminum ship modules. We have the capability to hold inventory at any step in the production process to maximize the cost efficiency for the program team overall.

Flexibility as the Ship Capabilities Grow

Flexibility is built-in at Bayou Manufacturing. Located in Slidell LA, the heart of the USA workboat building region, we have seen requirements and designs of all types.

As the mission needs for delivered ships evolve and new navigation, sensor systems and other technologies develop, owners and operators – including the Navy and USCG – will need to adapt. Installation of new weapons systems or deck machinery wreak havoc on the ship’s design and production processes. Our customers demand high flexibility, speedy ship module deliveries, and the ability to change as their needs change. We have worked with many shipyards and design agents, which means we have seen all their processes and have adapted the best of those to our own design and production capabilities. We expect change and are ready for it.

Additionally, Bayou brings a wide range of metal manufacturing capabilities that can deliver many types of module kits to support shipbuilding projects. Our bending and forming facilities are well equipped to deliver a wide range of finished components in large or small sizes from any metal. Though we specialize in aluminum metalworking, we are very experienced with steel and stainless steel. Our welding process and people can deliver many different results, again in large or small-sized.

Friction Stir Welding
Arc Welding
Plate Welding
Dissimilar Alloy Welding
Dissimilar Butt Thickness Welding

Framing is an important part of any modular shipbuilding project and Bayou brings a wealth of experience in virtually every form of Aluminum framing. Our aluminum processing, machining, and modular fabrication form the core of our capabilities that can support the success of any builder.

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