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Wind Farm Crew Transfer Boat Manufacturing

With over 72 years of total US Coast Guard technical knowledge, we can help any CTV operator or boat builder meet all regulatory criteria for their project.

Decrease Your Cost, Increase Your Quality

When you are building a new wind farm crew transfer boat or vessel, Bayou Manufacturing can lower your costs and increase quality with our friction stir welding process for making large aluminum panels and modules for vessel construction. Contact us to see how we can do this for your project.

Bayou Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of aluminum panels for shipbuilders and boat builders. Here are four reasons why Bayou Manufacturing should be your first choice when building a Crew Transfer Boat.

A Proven Track Record You Can Trust

Our recent projects of the all-aluminum M48 yacht and the catamaran Potomac Ferries demonstrate our success in delivering the highest quality products on vessels of similar length, construction and hull form as most Crew Transfer Vessels.

Our Energy Efficient, Environment Friendly Friction Stir Welding

Not only does Friction Stir Welding require less energy, produce no harmful gases and no waste product, it also requires less time to complete the process and produces a higher quality joint that is more durable over the vessel’s service life. As such, it is perfectly suited for Offshore Wind vessels, especially Crew Transfer Vessels.

How is Bayou Manufacturing different?

Our Inventory

Our sister company, Bayou Metal Supply, is a leading distributor of marine grade aluminum and stainless steel and carries all the inventory of plate and extrusions that we need to complete the job on schedule. We also operate our own transportation company to ensure that your shipment is delivered on time.

Our Engineering Experience

Bayou Manufacturing boasts a combined 72 years of U.S. Coast Guard engineering experience and can assist any Crew Transfer Boat (CTV) operator or boat builder to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met for your project.

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Delivering build-ready modular kits, large scale panels, and complex components ready for assembly.
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